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Starring Geoff & Chris Dahl as The Blues Brothers

Da Blooze Brothers Jake and Elwood are BACK! Chris and Geoff Dahl (real Canadian brothers!) bring the magic of the blues to the stage in a big way with all the songs you know and love from the movies and from the world of the blues brothers.

Energy, energy, energy!! You won't be able to take your eyes off the boys in black as they race around the stage and the audience belting out the best of the blues, soul, rhythm and blues music known to man! There are always a few surprises in there too! You will sing, you will dance, you will laugh until you cry at this participation packed party.

And that's not all. It's not only fun and games to these boys, the music is why they started in the first place. They have gathered the best players and have honed their own skills in years of live performance for excited audiences around the world. Moving and soulful, practiced and powerful, you will love what this band has to deliver. No disappointments here. Put the brothers out front and you have a show that can't be beat. From Alert to Dubai, Berlin to Honolulu everybody loves SOUL MEN.
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