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A Tribute to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - Together Again

A Tribute to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - Together Again

Starring Brian Duprey as Frank Sinatra
and Joe Scalissi as Dean Martin

An authentic tribute to two of the greatest performers of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. The show captures the music, the dynamic personalities and the comedy made famous by these entertainment icons. Frank is performed by Brian Duprey and Dean by Joe Scalissi, two of the best tribute artists in the business to-day. They not only look and sing like the originals but also share their unique personalities and distinctive style. The show also features a live band and includes many of the popular songs made famous by these artists. The humor, charm and outstanding vocal performances in this show takes us back to a time in show business history where fun and great music captivated audiences around the globe.

With breathtaking stage charisma, sparkling blue eyes and a velvet baritone voice Brian Duprey captures the look, sound, mannerisms and essence of Sinatra. Duprey's voice is the closest you'll ever hear to Frank Sinatra in his prime. Nancy Sinatra, Frank's daughter said it all, "He's Got It Down", when she heard his voice.

Joe Scalissi is considered to be the most authentic Dean Martin Tribute artist in the business. He looks and sounds like Dean as well as being naturally funny. He has an aura about him that captures the spirit of Dean with his laid back, sophisticated delivery. His rich, smooth voice delivered in a relaxed, carefree manner totally captivates audiences.
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