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Frank, Liza, and Sammy, a tribute - The Ultimate Concert

Frank, Liza, and Sammy, a tribute - The Ultimate Concert

Starring Gary Corsello as Frank Sinatra,
Suzanne Goulet as
Liza Minnelli
and DeZhon Fields as Sammy Davis Jr

Over an eighteen month period in 1988 and 1989, three of the greatest and most dynamic entertainers of all time, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Jr. toured major cities in North America, Japan, Europe, Hawaii and Australia in a show called "The Ultimate Event". This historic production showcased the outstanding talents of these three great performers and included the music of some of the most successful songwriters in the history of show business. It also was one of the most popular and financially successful shows of its type, playing to thousands of fans around the world. As tribute to these legends, this historic show has been recreated by ARB Productions.

Frank, Liza & Sammy is a 90-minute show that combines great singing, entertaining choreography, dancing, humor and witty dialogue and features more than 30 memorable songs. Audiences are mesmerized by the experience of seeing talented performers paying tribute to these legends and performing "My Way," "Cabaret" and "Mr. Bojangles" with good old fashion warmth and sincerity.

The show opens with thrilling duets where Sammy and Liza execute intricate dance steps in "I Gotta A Lot of Living To Do" and Frank displays his usual charm with Liza in "The World On A String". The individual performances highlight each artist singing the songs made famous by the legends and the final part of the show features all three performers singing a medley of some of the most popular songs of our time. The whole experience is enhanced by the camaraderie and interaction of these great performers together on stage. The witty dialogue adds a lot of humour to the show, especially when a reluctant Sammy, the only performer on stage not to have recorded the song "New York, New York", is convinced to sing it as the grand finale.

Show Outline

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