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Tribute to The Everly Brothers

Tribute to The Everly Brothers

Starring Bernie Jessome
and Jefferey Scott

The Everly Brothers are the most important vocal duo in rock 'n' roll history. Their harmoy had a major influence on other vocal groups that followed them in the late 60's and 70's particularly the Beach Boys and Simon/Garfunkel.

Jefferey Scott and Bernie Jessome, two outstanding and talented tribute artists, are proud to present a tribute to the Everly's. In this show they perform all the great hits made popular by this duo such as "Wake Up Little Susie", "Dream", "Bye Bye Love", "Till I Kissed You", "Cathy's Clown" and many more. The show also features four talented back up musicians which adds authenticity to the show since that's how the Everly's performed during their heyday.

This popular show has been performing across North America over the past few years and is an authentic tribute to these legendary performers. It is a show that shouldn't be missed.

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