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Red Skelton, a Tribute featuring Tom Mullica

Red Skelton, a Tribute featuring Tom Mullica

Starring Tom Mullica as Red Skelton

Tom Mullica's love affair with show business began in 1953 in Waupun, Wisconsin when, as a five-year-old child, he decided to be a clown. Two years later he discovered magic and not long after combined the two. In addition to magic and clowning, he is a highly skilled ventriloquist and pantomimist. Tom is now CEO of Van Blaine Productions.

Tom enlisted in the Army at age 18 and after 3 years in Korea and Germany, moved to the magic capitol of the world, Colon, Michigan, where he built illusions and demonstrated magic for the famous Abbott's Magic Company. Tom then moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended bartending school and opened his own nightclub called The Tom-foolery Magic Bar Theatre. His popularity in Atlanta led to an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, World's Greatest Magic, Penn & Teller, Viva Variety and hundreds of television appearances throughout the world. With countless hotel and casino performances in Atlantic City and Las Vegas,

Red visited the Tom-foolery in 1980 and liked the show so much he spent two hours with Tom afterwards. Tom occasionally included some suggestive material in his comedy routines at the time and Red proclaimed, "I'll tell you what Tom, if you clean up your act, you can use my material." He told Tom that his humor was too suggestive and that it shocked people into laughing. He instructed Tom to do every show as if his mother, a priest, and a nun were in the audience. Tom's approach to comedy changed that very night. One of the dominant factors in Tom's life has been the quiet, sincere friendship he developed with Red Skelton over the years that followed.

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